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Has started playing guitar somewhere around 1993.  Self taught player to about ´98-99 when he started taking guitar lessons.  Did some serious practice during his year in music school at Kauhajoki City. Since then has been studying music in various music schools, institutes and conservatories. Also went to the course of music business and music technology at Sibelius Academy.  Has played in numerous bands including everything from rock, heavy-metal, blues, jazz, pop to big bands. Is working as a guitar teacher at the moment in the Helsinki metropolitan area and is the main songwriter for Amoth.



Started her musical career by singing classical music.  Then moved to classical and electric guitar and later found her true calling in the form of electric bass. Has played in various bands during her time in different music schools and at the Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory. Has also studied music theory, music history, solfege and whatnot. Is living in Helsinki City and is currently working at printing house and of course a bassist for Amoth.



Around 1994-95 Oskari found interest in music when watching his brother's VHS tapes (mainly AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Metallica). The "trash can beating" neared it's end in 1996 when Oskari got his first real drum kit. First it was all about learning the basics but then he got  carried away to more advanced stuff.

2003-2004 brought forth the first band sessions and even more serious training.

Mikael has been playing guitar since high school and started with blues and

rock n’ roll. After discovering Dream Theater’s music around year 2000, progressive metal became his passion and main influence. Mikael has played mostly in cover bands and miscellanious projects.

He now plays the second guitar in Amoth.



photo Kalle Kervinen

photo Kalle Kervinen

photo Kalle Kervinen

photo Kalle Kervinen