Amoth's roots are strongly founded on 80's heavy metal, but branch out in different directions with elements from progressive rock, thrash, and even jazz brough t to the table.

What´s been said...

"Amoth have made themselves a pretty hefty contender in the scene, and we'll be hearing a lot more about them if there's any justice in the world. If you want something that's retro as hell while also being classy and refined, then The Hour of the Wolf is an album to treasure.
- Mjölnir, The Metal Crypt

"Amoth was love at first sight for me: even though they performed for only 30 minutes, they put up a hell of a show. Intense, full of great tracks, and well-balanced. I especially liked them because they play very sophisticated heavy metal, which was a much-needed change of pace from all the death metal in the other stages.
- Benedetta Baldin, FemMetal

I could talk for hours about the specific talents of each band member, but all you really need to know is that they are all expert performers. If there is any justice in the world, this will be the LP that will see the name Amoth whispered reverentially by Metal Heads around the world. 
- Chris Hicklin, Metal Temple


The Hour of the Wolf

1. Alice
2. The Man Who Watches The World Burn
3. Wounded Faith
4. Wind Serenade, part I
5. Wind Serenade, part II
6. We Own The Night
7. It Ain't Over Yet
8. Traces In The Snow

9. The Hour Of The Wolf


1. Die Young
2. ...And So They Fueled These Veins With Chaos
3. Shadow Of The Beast
4. Tattered Wings
5. For The Moon And The Mercury
6. 'Till The End
7. Road To Ruins
8. Children Of The Night
9. Revenge  

Crossing Over

1. Approaching
2. Fault
3. The House Of Cards
4. Crossing Over
5. Separate Hells
6. At The Presence Of Anubis
7. Long Walk Home
8. Last Day Of The Sun
9. Whispers From The Past 

Wounded Faith

1. Fault
2. It Ain't Over Yet
3. Wounded Faith